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CKS SA offers high quality services, thanks to the many years of know-how of its team. Ideally based in Switzerland, a country whose exigency and precision reputations are no longer to demonstrate, our reach is international and is aimed at all French and English speaking companies and communities. CKS SA is able to bring you its skills in the following areas :

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  • Network consulting and security
  • Online advertising
  • Web hosting and domain names
  • Network consulting and secur...

    Network consulting and security

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    Network consulting and security

    Category: Network consulting and security

    CKS SA is managing several networks and hundreds of servers and cloud instances all around the world. Our team is able to provide consulting, maintenance, and deployment services on many environnements. Whatever your concern is, design, scalability, security, migration, update, we have high knowledge on following technologies and softwares (not exhaustive) : FreeBSD, Debian, Postfix, MySQL, NoSQL, Cloud, Apache, Nginx, PHP, XML, Duplicity, Rsync, Proxmox, Dovecot, MyDNS, OpenSSH, etc.


  • Online advertising services

    Online advertising

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    Online advertising services

    Category: Online advertising

    CKS SA has all the tools you need to maximize ROI using Internet advertising.

    Publishers significantly enhance income by integrating CKS SA tools within their sites, while advertisers directly reach their targeted customers – in more than 150 countries and 12 languages.

    CKS SA’s web-marketing solutions build and reinforce the relationships among publishers, advertisers, and consumers

    Allowing everyone to profit.

  • Domain names, Web hosting, C...

    Web hosting and domain names

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    Domain names, Web hosting, Cloud services

    Category: Web hosting and domain names

    With the help of several partners located in France, Netherlands, Spain, and USA, we are able to take care of hundreds of domain names, including .ch .swiss .fr .com .net .org .info .biz etc.

    We can also provide email addresses, hosting solutions (cloud instance/vps, dedicated server, shared hosting), just drop us a message with your needs for a quote, or jump to our shop and order a service at anytime.

© Copyright CKS SA 2023

CKS SA is an ethical and green Swiss company.

Some words from our CEO

Green ? All employees including directors and staff are working at home since 2012. Our meeting room is virtual, with some attendees here in Switzerland and others there, all around the world.

Ethical ? We choose and trust our partners for their competences and reliability, and not only for their prices. It is always possible to find quicker and cheaper, but it is not so easy to find better.

© Copyright CKS SA 2023

© Copyright CKS SA 2023


Batterie de La Poste 155
1918 La Tzoumaz


Phone: +41 27 558 91 74


Email: hello@cks.swiss